Our Company

Astro Proxima is a mobile applications company that was founded October 2017 by Joseph Casebeer. We make apps for multilingual users as well as apps for the use of the general population. Our mission outside of app development is to be active citizens of our planet, to help the many regardless of affiliation to country, or belief.


Joseph Casebeer CEO 19

Our CEO Joseph Casebeer currently age 19 was born in Luxembourg October of 1998. He grew up traveling the world visiting countries such as Morocco, Kenya, and France. His interests range from music to robotics and many other academic pursuits. He founded Astro Proxima October of 2017 to gain experience in business development and programing.

Our Timeline

Astro Proxima was founded by Joseph Casebeer October 2017, and our first product Jargonaut a multilingual specialized subject dictionary was launched April of 2018.